Install Theme

Na Kim in collaboration with photographer Anu Vahtra

Miraphora Mina and Lauren Wakefield of Mina Lima

Mina Lima is responsible for the books, newspapers, and posters that appear throughout the Harry Potter series. Their design work has been in dozens of films since 1995.

Lorella Pierdicca
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Soo Sans Typeface by NYC-based designer Sooyeon Kim


I tried to write nothing

Nina Dornbusch

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Ampersand Study by Erin Gwozdz
An exploration of display ampersands based off of Helvetica bold.

A Thousand Times No

Bahia Shehab is a Lebanese-Egyptian graphic designer, artist, and Islamic art historian whose studies focus on ancient Arabic script and the use of visual heritage to solve contemporary design issues. In 1999 Bahia graduated with a degree in graphic design from the American University in Beirut. She currently teaches at the American University in Cairo, where she has developed a four-year Graphic Design program that features courses in the History of Arab Design.

The Great Discontent has posted a great interview with American graphic designer, educator, and author Ellen Lupton. She talks about her trajectory in the field of graphic design, putting in 150%— and her current project: a novel about a young woman entering the world of design!

Read it all here.