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Interior spreads for YA Novels by Amy Wu

Amy is currently raising funds for qnsmade, a project that will bring together interviews, photos, and resources that celebrate the people of Queens, New York.


A Is For Apple’s beautiful website showcase their font designs beautifully. The colours they have chosen are really fresh and vibrant making the text pop!

Emilie Rigaud is the Paris-based graphic designer who also runs the “A is For Apple” type foundry.

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Bride Book Red to Green by Joan Lyons, 1975, Visual Studies Workshop Press

Joan Lyons was the Founding Director of the Visual Studies Workshop Press, 1972 – 2004, responsible for its development and operation and for the publication of over 450 titles. The Press, a leading publisher and printer of artists’ books, has been active in the evolution and definition of the field over the past three decades. In addition to artists’ books, the Press has designed and produced books by photographers and writers, as well as titles relating to theory and historical inquiry in the visual arts.”


De Vitrine Gallery
by Marta Veludo

Marta Veludo in collaboration with Sue Doeksen 

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Barbara Kruger - Untitled (Your misery loves company), 1985, collage, 35 x 33,5 cm © Sprüth Magers Berlin London, via Contemporary Art Daily

Barbara Kruger is perhaps best known as a visual artist, but she has strong roots in the world of graphic design (and the echos of this background abound in her work). She studied at SVA, then at Parsons, and ultimately ended up worked as a designer/art director at Mademoiselle Magazine, House and Garden, Aperture, and a range of other publications.

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Cobbenhagen Hendriksen (Marijke Cobbenhagen and Chantal Hendriksen)

Frankie typeface designed by Laura Meseguer


Lora Lamm, Estate e mare - Summer and Sea, 1957. For department store La Rinascente, Italy  © m.a.x. Museo, Chiasso.



Rebecca Hakola   |

"The project’s ultimate purpose was to inspire the viewer to view the selected typeface in a new light. This design celebrates 90 years of Futura, and within its pages flaunts 20 style formats, that of which the first introduced by Paul Renner in the early 1900s. It is a "squeeky clean" approach to visual communication, and boasts a clinical style aesthetic that consists of one large A3 poster which encases collectors cards and a small information booklet. The stock used is waterproof and primarily designed for wear and tear by readers, as they learn more about Futura, one of the world’s most famous and commonly used typefaces."

Rebecca Hakola is a recent graduate from the Queensland College of Art with a Bachelor of Design, majoring in Visual Communication. With a multidisciplinary approach to design and unique autonomy of thought and style, she is continuously developing her own formula for effective visual and literary communication through design. Every project she undertakes draws inspiration from her Scandinavian and Australian backgrounds, offering fresh and refined outcomes.

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Publication — DOSE RATE

Riso 2 / 2 color / 32pg. 5 x 7.5 in. / Edition of 80

Design — Hannah Jegart

Beautiful photo of the Muriel Cooper exhibition at the Arthur Ross Architecture Gallery at Columbia in New York City, February 25 – March 28, 2014

Messages and Means: Muriel Cooper at MIT
Photo: James Ewing Photography



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Julie Galand and Valentine Thébaut of French design studio Zoo

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